Nicoban’s quit smoking support system is a designed to cleanse your body, curb all cravings, satisfy physical urges, and squelch new temptations. There are four total formulas that they offer, each one serving a specific role to help you quit.

Formula A – Reduces and sometimes eliminates symptoms associated with cravings.

Formula B – Cleanses your body and eliminates all traces of nicotine

Formula C – A combination of Formula A and D, formula C protects you if the urge to smoke ever comes back.

Formula D – When you have the urge to smoke, use formula D just under your nose and it helps deal with the habit of smoking.


Formula A

Passion Flower — Relieves tension, anxiety and insomnia. In 1985, Passion flower was officially approved by Germany’s Commission E for the treatment of “nervous unrest”. The herb is considered to be mildly effective in treating anxiety and nervous stomach as well. To learn more about the amazing calming effects of passion flower go to History of the Passion Flower.

Ginseng — Counteracts the effects of physical and emotional stress. Ginseng has been shown in human studies to have a long-term anti-stress effect and to Improve physical and mental performance, memory, and reaction time.

Sarsaparilla — Helps prevent weight gain. An excellent summary of the many benefits of sarsaparilla is found at summary of Sarsparilla Benefits. Bayberry Root — Prevents infections while your body is under stress. To learn more go to Bayberry Information.

Echinacea Powder — Helps your body resist the cravings, boosts the immune system. For further information on Echinacea go to American Botanical Council on Echinacea.

Formula B

Burdock Root — Cleanses your body of nicotine deposits. Learn more about this remarkable internal cleansing herb.

Goldenseal Root — Cleanses the digestive tract of all traces of tobacco and nicotine.

Kelp — Protects your body from and rids it of toxic heavy metals.

Hyssop — Cleanses the lungs, relieves congestion. Hyssop also detoxifies your body of nicotine and other toxins.

Directions For Use

The products are taken at night, before going to bed. Then starting the next morning, the product is taken in a series several times a day for approximately seven days. Upon successful completion of this program a person will be “SMOKE FREE.” If they were to light up, their reaction would be similar to the first time they had a cigarette that caused gagging, coughing or a dizzy feeling. It would simply not taste or feel good, much like the reaction to the first cigarette they ever smoked.

On your first night, take one capsule of Formula A and one capsule of Formula B with Dinner. Before retiring for the evening, take your recommended dosage of Formula A (outlined in the directions with the product) and two capsules of Formula B, which aids the body’s natural cleansing process. Take all capsules with 8 oz. of water or milk and a light snack (crackers or toast work well).

In the morning when you awaken, repeat your dosage of Formula A and take 2 capsules of Formula B. Have some breakfast. Repeat again at lunch and dinner (or before bed). You will take 3 sets per day for 3 days. On the fourth day, cut the Formula A capsule dosage and continue cutting each day if possible. Continue with 2 Formula B capsules until finished. (Approximately 7 days)

When you have a craving, urge, and or desire for a cigarette, massage drops of the Aroma therapy solution on each temple (the soft hollow spots on the side of the head), above the bridge of your nose & between your eyes and most importantly, a drop under your nose on the upper lip. Lightly inhale for 3-5 minutes for full effect. Use the breathing exercise and the urge to smoke will pass.