Like many of the herbal remedies, NicRx works by tricking the brain into believing it has received nicotine. This helps your brain relax so your body can get on with the important work of detoxing from nicotine’s harmful effects.

NicRx works to:

  • Reduce cravings for nicotine
  • Calm and relax the mind
  • Battle fatigue, tension, and irritability
  • Boost the immune system
  • Cleanse and purify the body

Ingredients (From the website)

Lobelia Herb – Also known as Indian tobacco, lobelia herb produces effects similar to nicotine on the central nervous system, while acting as an overall relaxant. Lobelia is also used to treat respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and coughs.

Passion Flower – Used medicinally to promote relaxation and calmness, passion flower is often prescribed as an alternative medicine for the treatment of insomnia, nervous tension and irritability.

Skullcap Herb – A mild relaxant that affects the musculoskeletal system, skullcap is used in the treatment of anxiety and nervous tension.

Eleuthero Root – Also known as Siberian ginseng, eleuthero root is helpful to combat stress and fatigue and helps boost the immune system.

Sarsaparilla – Traditionally used for the treatment of liver and skin problems, sarsaparilla is also used in the treatment of fatigue associated with physical stress.

Elderberry Flower – Typically used to combat the common cold, elderberry is helpful against inflammations of the upper respiratory tract and helps eliminate acids and other impurities through the skin.

Peppermint Leaf – Peppermint has been used for centuries to promote wellness. Its relaxation and detoxification properties are extremely useful in smoking cessation.

Echinacea Purpurea – Believed to be one of nature’s most powerful natural antibiotics, echinacea purpurea helps to stimulate the body’s resistance to infection, disease, fever and blood poisoning.

Safflower – Used widely for its oil, safflower has a number of medicinal uses and contains anti-tumor properties.

Ginger Root – Popular the world over for both its flavor and medicinal properties, ginger root is detoxifying, aids in digestion and helps relieve nausea.

Cayenne Pepper – Perhaps the most prized herb, cayenne acts as a catalyst, increasing the efficacy of other herbs while supporting the digestive system, the cardiovascular system and the immune system.

Directions For Use

Begin taking NicRx on your quit day. The recommended daily usage is 2 capsules a day. One of the benefits of using NicRX is that it’s flexible. You are free to take an additional two capsules a day if cravings are severe.