Assassin Naturals and Smoke Assassin Complaints

There are so many quit smoking products out there that it can be tough to figure out what works and what doesn’t.  One of the simplest things to avoid is fraudulent companies or companies/products that have generated a bad reputation.

Just as a warning when purchasing Assassin Natural products, here are a few customer complaints:

(Credit for these goes to, we’re just regurgitating these to protect you, the consumer)

“I heard about this Smoke Assassin on the radio and called the number, the starter kit was free but was was pressured into buying the filter refills which ended up being nearly 80.00.After receiving the product, I tried it and thought it was awful.I was also promised a a free Wal-Mart gift card which I never received.About a month later I recieved a package in the mail from Assassin Naturals, replacement filters and some stop craving spray.I didnt realize that this was going to be on a monthly shipment so I looked at my latest bank statement and found out not only had i been charged 79.90 for the Smoke Assassin pkg but also like 16.95 for American Lesiure, whatever that is…my wife had mentioned that she had saw something in our mail that was from a place called Easy Saver and after reading it, it looked like a company that offered a card that offered discounts for various retailers, the first month was free and after that a monthly fee would be charged to your credit card.When she saw the charge from American Leisure she said its probably connected to the letter that we had received in the mail earlier.However I never authorized American Leisure to send me a discount card in the first place nor did I authorize them to take a monthly fee out of my acct for the card.

“Thinking that quitting smoking would not only improve my health but also help me provide more money for my family, I have a wife and 4 kids.Now I am out at least $160 already if not more and I think that this company is a total scam.”

“Is there any help with what can be done legally other than just complaining to the Attorney General?”

“I received my first orderm Found they were planning on charging me $79.99 monthly. I called and cancelled. No problem… Then 2 months later I had the charge of $79.99 on my account again. This is upsetting. I can’t afford to have them pull that money out of my account!! I will try to get my bank to reverse the charge??? Hopefully I can get my bank to block any further charges that I am sure they will try. Warn anyone you can!!”

“This company is trash. I too was charged for unauthorized things(liberty fun card and patriot card). I called to cancel and was told I would be refunded my $79.90. I was only refunded $65.95. The other money set asside after my refund and product being returned today I noticed on my credit card another charge by them for $79.90. I didn’t order it agian for obvious reasons. I called the phone number on the web and was told that this was the ordering line and that they will transfer me to customer service and not to worry they were still open. Well when I was transfered a recording told me that they closed three hours ago. Good luck to all of you these people are scum bags and I will be contacting my attorney general to file a complaint and my credit card company to dispute the second charge and the additional money I didn’t receive.”

If you want to purchase a product from a company without complaints such as these, consider the customer reviews beforehand!