Why planning ahead is critical to quitting smoking

by Michelle on September 25, 2009

Let’s face it, planning ahead for virtually anything important in life is important. It not only helps us make sure everything we need or have to do is in place, it creates room for improvising if necessary, and allows for the unexpected to be handled. There will always be unforseen circumstances and if you have planned ahead for everything else, the things you didn’t expect to happen can be handled much easier.

This is no different for quitting smoking. There’s no doubt about it that quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things to do. Not only is it physically/chemically addicitive, it is also psychologically addictive and has worked its way into our every day lives. Adding insult to injury, our brain chemistry gets thrown off when we starve ourselves for nicotine after having it in our system for so many years. This creates all kinds of strange and rather difficult emotions and feelings. Regardless of how temporary those symptoms are, the way they make you feel makes having a cigarette far preferable to sticking with it and coping.

Since all these factors will be against you when you stop smoking, it is absolutely critical to plan ahead. There will be all kinds of triggers, issues, and problems that may cause stress while you are trying to quit. Having nicotine withdrawal while these things happen only makes them worse. If you prepare properly and well ahead of time before you actually quit then you will be far better equipped to handle what life and withdrawal throws at you. If you are planning to quit and really want to, make sure you get a solid action plan to stop smoking together ahead of time.

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